Cyber Security Gets Recognition in UK Tech Awards

Security companies and individuals recognized in UK annual tech industry awards

In a week when a new group formed to deliver the first ever open source silicon root of trust (RoT) design, the UK tech industry has recognized security companies in its annual awards, with five out of 13 awards going to security-related individuals and organizations.

Hosted by TechWorks – the UK industry association for ‘deep tech’, which includes the semiconductor industry as well as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, robotics, internet of things (IoT) and machine vision – recognized Secure Thingz as company of the year, Darktrace for product of the year, and Signify as IoT security champion. Individuals recognized for their work in security include Paul Dorey for his contribution to industry and Angela Mison from the University of South Wales as cyber student of the year in automotive.

IoT Security Foundation managing director, John Moor, underlined the importance of the recognition of these companies and individuals for security. He said, “Modern economies are becoming increasingly digital, with connectivity and software fueling innovations that lead to more productive, richer and prosperous living. However, as new technology is introduced there is also a threat that the technology can be used for mal-intent in the wrong hands so it is absolutely right that we place special emphasis on security as we make the digital transformation.”

Secure Thingz, founded in 2016, is a partner to Arm and last year gained significant backing from IAR Systems. As a leading IoT security expert, it enables organizations to implement straightforward, scalable and sustainable security from a device’s inception. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber AI technology that detects novel attacks and insider threats at an early stage. The company modeled its technology on the human immune system, enabling it to spot the subtle signals of an advanced attack — without relying on rules, signatures, or prior assumptions.

Other awards of note include Nanusens, which picked up both the disruptive innovation of the year category of 2019 and was also named emerging technology company of the year; Blu Wireless won the automotive electronics innovation and excellence award; and Plessey’s Gethn Pickard was named UK’s leading engineer under 30 – the judges were impressed with his Pickard’s enthusiasm in encouraging young students to consider a career in electronics and engineering.

TechWorks award winners 2019
Some of the winners of the TechWorks deep tech industry awards this week in London, clockwise from top left: Secure Thingz (CEO Haydn Povey, second from left); Nanusens (Peter Barenthein, non-exec director); and Plessey’s Gethn Pickard (right).

Nanusens CEO, Josep Montanyà, said, “Not only does our technology enable us to shrink MEMS by a factor of ten down onto the nanoscale but it also enables us to make as many as we need because we use standard CMOS processes. This removes the current MEMS production bottleneck that is caused by MEMS requiring bespoke production lines so that volumes are hard to ramp without building a new line. Analysts have forecast that the demand for MEMS sensors will continue as more and more devices are made smarter with MEMS sensors. Current production techniques will not be able to meet this rapidly increasing demand but our technology of MEMS-within-CMOS can now enable the sensor market to grow from billions to trillions of units.”

The full list of winners is:

The full list of winners is:

  • Company of the Year Award – Secure Thingz
  • Contribution to Industry Award– Professor Paul Dorey, CSO Confidential
  • Product of the Year Award– Darktrace, Enterprise Immune System
  • Disruptive Innovation Award – Nanusens
  • Emerging Technology Company of the Year Award – Nanusens
  • Automotive Electronics Innovation & Excellence Award – Blu Wireless
  • IoT Security Foundation Champion Award – Signify
  • Manufacturing Site of the Year Award – Diodes Inc (Oldham site)
  • Manufacturing Supplier of the Year Award (based on industry survey) – Compugraphics International
  • R&D Excellence Award – Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult
  • Young Engineer of the Year award –   Gethn Pickard, Plessey Semiconductors
  • Cyber Student of the Year in Automotive Award – Angela Mison, University of South Wales
  • UKESF Scholar of the Year Award– Hugo McNally, University of Southampton/On Semiconductors and Mary Bennett, University of Surrey/Embecosm